Ecosystem Science is an international environmental research and consulting organization dedicated to bridging the gap between scientific disciplines and resource management strategies. Our diverse array of expertise includes
  • watershed ecosystem management
  • fisheries and river ecology
  • biodiversity research
  • human and wildlife ecology
  • environmental architecture and planning
  • community development
Ecosystem Science demonstrates a commitment to research and the environment in a number of scientific disciplines, and is recognized for excellence internationally. We offer a road range of professional services related to environmental issues and the design of human and natural ecosystems.

Ecosystem Science Foundation, Inc

The centerpiece of our non-profit work is the Ecosystem Science Foundation. The Foundation is the instrument through which Ecosystem Science professionals can perform a variety of research and consulting functions for government agencies and other non-profit organizations. The Foundation allows us to work pro bono, adapt our rate structure to meet specific project requirements, provide matching funds or make direct donations.

The Ecosystem Science Foundation was established by Ecosystem Science, LLC to further the pursuit of understanding and improving environmental conditions. Often, private business does not have the opportunity or the capital structure to engage in research interests and project opportunities outside of the rigid business model. The Ecosystem Science Foundation allows for our staff of professionals to pursue ideas and work that encourages personal growth, a broader experience and provides vital services to the community. For more information about the Foundation, please follow the Foundation link at left.